About us

Our law office was established by Attorneys Dror Gal and Reut Sagiv-Gertler. We are a leading boutique law office in the field of labor law. In 2021 the office was ranked as prominent (DUNS 100) and an outstanding leader (boutique) in labor laws (BDI CODE).

The law firm specializes in diverse aspects of labor law and labor relationships at the collective and individual levels.

Our offices provide clients with comprehensive consultancy on all areas of labor law, drawing up labor agreements, provision of opinions on diverse issues arising from labor relationships, and advising on labor termination processes, negotiation management, formulation of collective agreements, negotiation with the Ministry of the Interior and the Treasury, handling irregularities with regard to salary, representation at the Personal Accountability Commission, provision of legal opinion in this field, preparation and close follow-up on recovery and efficiency programs, handling of employee cutbacks and dismissals, handling strikes and stoppages including prevention orders, criminal processes in areas of law and labor, handling and representing disciplinary procedures, options plans, reviewing merger and acquisition transactions, drawing up standards, consultancy on pension issues, follow-up and handling on cases of sexual harassment, submission of requests for dismissal permits to authorized parties, and more.

Attorneys Dror Gal and Reut Sagiv-Gertler bring rich cumulative experience to their clients, manifested in dozens of judgments including precedents and new legal practices.

Work methods

Our law office consistently supplies highly professional service while ensuring excellent accessibility with emphasis on efficiency, courtesy, and detail oriented attention to clients’ particular needs. Attorneys Dror Gal and Reut Sagiv-Gertler ensure clients receive personalized service supported by their office staff.

High level availability is offered through phone accessibility, emails, meetings as required, and prioritizing issues based on the appropriate schedules.

Our offices conduct cooperative activities with external advisors as needed on all areas relating to salary calculations, pensionary issues and consultancy, and other matters related to the office’s spheres of specialization.

Our clients 

Among our clients are organizations from the private sector and the public service sectors, including local authorities, government companies, and more.

Private sector clients 

Our law offices have represented central organizations and parties for some years now, among them Fishman Chains Ltd (which includes Home Center Ltd), Mor Sharon Fruit Ltd, Mor International Ltd, Ambil Ltd, Gurevitz Music & Products Ltd, Agami (Nahama) Bakery Ltd, Mercury Science & Industry Products Ltd, High School Teachers Association, and more. Additional clients include small businesses needing legal consultancy at the everyday level on issues relating to staff and employee management, employee acceptance procedures, formulation of employment contracts, termination of employment processes, organizational processes, and more.

Public sector clients 

Attorneys Dror Gal and Reut Sagiv-Gertler represent local authorities, among them Rehovot Municipality, Rehovot City Company, Holon Municipality, Holon Educational & Cultural Institutions Ltd, Elyon Association for Child and Youth Welfare in Holon, Eilat Municipality, Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Municipality and various city companies in its area of jurisdictions (Sachlavim, cultural activities), Rishon LeZion Municipality, Shoham Regional Council, Shoham Education Corporation, Hamesh – City Company for Culture, Leisure and Sport, Rosh Haayin Municipality, Ramat Hasharon Municipality, and others.

Attorneys Gal and Sagiv-Gertler’s accrued experience additionally encompasses ongoing legal supervision in the fields of local government activities and / or functionaries and / or officials in local authorities with regard to labor and disciplinary laws including opinions, meetings with internal and external parties including working with government offices, particularly with the Ministry of the Interior and the Treasury, the Treasury’s Commissioner of Salaries and similar relevant issues, participation in local authority committees and / or meetings, formulation of legal documents including tenders, contracts, employment agreements, collective agreements, negotiation management on the local authority’s behalf, and addressing local authority enquiries on an ongoing basis for all legal issues in these fields.

Our office holds the applicable expertise and knowledge in collective laws and agreements vis-à-vis local authorities. The office has proven capabilities in laws and agreements applied in government services,  and in handling payroll irregularities, negotiations in this field, and matters relating to personal accountability vis-à-vis functionaries and employees in local authorities relative to the Ministry of the Interior’s Personal Accountability Commission.

The office represents local authorities in labor courts, both regional and national, in arbitration and mediation, tribunals or other judicial frameworks, including the Commissioner of Women’s Labor Laws, and represents local authorities as the prosecutor in disciplinary tribunals by general or special appointment, and more.

In this framework we also address ongoing issues around labor laws and their procedures at both the collective and individual levels.

Attorney Dror Gal

Dror Gal received his LL.B. from the Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Law in 1984. He interned with the late Attorney Menahem Goldberg, appointed to the position of President of the National Labor Court. From 1984 to 1986, Gal completed his Master’s Degree at the University of Brussels, Belgium. In 1989, following several years of employment in the law offices of Feinberg & Partners, and with Y. Fischer & Partners, he established the Strikovsky, Gal & Partners law offices together with Attorney Doron Strikovsky. In this latter office, Attorney Dror headed the labor law department. Attorney Gal served as external director of Housing & Construction Ltd from 2003 to 2007. From 2008 to 2009, he served as Presiding Judge at the District Disciplinary Tribunal in the Israel Bar Association, and since 2010 has served as a member of the Israel Bar Association’s National Disciplinary Tribunal. In 2018 he resigned from the Strikovsky Gal law firm and together with Attorney Sagiv-Gertler, established the current boutique law offices specializing in labor relationships and law. Attorney Gal’s activities in this office include special and ongoing consultation on labor laws, formulation of employment and retirement contracts, following up on dismissal procedures, formulation of collective agreements, managing negotiations around employment and retirement conditions, drawing up recovery programs, options programs, representation in labor courts, parity committees, hearings, negotiations with the Ministry of the Interior and the Treasury on issues of salary irregularities, and on personal accountability and incorporation. Attorney Dror Gal handles portfolios and consults for government organizations represented by the law firm, and for local authorities and their trust bodies. He also represents private organizations and companies

Attorney Reut Sagiv-Gertler

Reut Sagiv-Gertler received her LL.B. from Haifa University Faculty of Law in 2003. She has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2004 and is also a certified mediator. Attorney Sagiv-Gertler interned with Judge Michael Shpitzer at the Haifa Regional Labor Court. On qualifying, Sagiv-Gertler began work in the offices of Amir Davidov, providing ongoing and special consultancy on labor laws, formulation of employment and retirement contracts, formulation of collective agreements, managing negotiations relative to labor and dismissal conditions, and represented office clients in procedures in the labor courts, parity committees, and hearings. At 2008 within Attorney Amir Davidov’s office merging with the offices of Strikovsky Gal & Partners Attorney Sagiv-Gertler Joined offices of Strikovsky Gal & Partners Attorney and served as a partner in the labor law department, continuing to provide legal consultancy in this field and appear in various frameworks, among them labor courts, the Supreme Court, the court for administrative matters, the Histadrut judiciary, parity committees, and the Personal Accountability Commission in the Ministry of the Interior, the Treasury Salaries Commissioner, hearings, and more. In 2018 Attorney Sagiv-Gertler resigned from the Strikovsky Gal law firm and together with Attorney Dror Gal, established the current boutique law firm specializing in labor relationships and law. Attorney Sagiv-Gertler serves as a prosecutor in the Disciplinary Tribunal for local authority employees. In the past, she was appointed as arbitrator in the framework of settlements of disputes relating to local authority employees around the Labor Constitution. Attorney Sagiv-Gertler lectures in various forums on issues of labor relationships and law. She conducts negotiations with the Ministry of the Interior and the Treasury on issues linked to salary irregularities and Clause 29 of the Budget Foundations Law, as well as issues related to personal accountability on the part of functionaries and employees of local authorities. She also conducts collective negotiations, provides ongoing labor law consultancy, supervises recovery programs, and more. Representation in legal processes Attorneys Dror Gal and Reut Sagiv-Gertler represent clients in dozens of legal processes annually, including individual claims, work related claims, workers’ dismissal claims, and collective disputes. We look forward to providing you service and clarification on any issues you may have